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Blockton Blockchain: A High-Performance, Open-Source Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockton Blockchain: A High-Performance, Open-Source Blockchain Ecosystem


Blockton Blockchain: A High-Performance, Open-Source Blockchain Ecosystem

All technological breakthroughs in history were the result of existing problems. This assertion is evident in the many inventors who have made devices such as smart boards, airplanes, and cars throughout history. These devices were designed to address important societal issues. The trend has not slowed since the industrial revolution, but instead we see its continued growth.

Finance is an integral part of society and has undergone many changes. Blockchain technology is changing the fabric of global financial systems and structures. The mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies is rapidly increasing. Now, we have crypto-supported online payments gateways and crypto-automated teller machines (ATM). This disruption in finance is only going to continue until cryptocurrencies are accepted as a global standard.

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Even though tokens have this advantage, they still need platforms that facilitate trading and swapping. Dapps, DEXs, and Smart Contracts were created to provide security assurance for every transaction. It was intended to create an ecosystem that is independent of central governance, owned and controlled by the users. This design is in line with the original idea behind cryptocurrencies and provides a safer and more secure way to ensure that all assets are under the control of users.

These ideas are constrained by the fact that different blockchains lack inter- communication capabilities. These are a major step back, as users must use multiple DEXs or Dapps in order to trade tokens. Blockton is changing the game. Blockton is creating an ecosystem that can cross the boundaries of restricted/native blockchain. This will allow users cross-chained access and real control over a wide range of tokens in the crypto ecosystem. This platform is designed to give users more control over their crypto assets, and offer greater security.

There will be fewer scams related micro DEXs or dApps. The Blockton platform allows users to trade, swap or convert tokens across multiple EVM compatible chains. The supported chains include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon as well as Fantom, Arbitrum and OKEx Chain.

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