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French multinational Capgemini looking to partner with Indian startups

French multinational Capgemini looking to partner with Indian startups

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French multinational Capgemini looking to partner with Indian startups

According to reports, French multinational Capgemini has plans to partner with Indian startups from the fields of data analytics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) aiming to build a bridge for these ventures to enter international markets.

Capgemini has previously collaborated with startups from US and Europe and now the company is scouting in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

John Brahim, CEO-insights and data at Capgemini, said, “I think startups rely too much on venture capitalists to bring them to markets.”

As part of Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) programme, the company leverages startups across the globe that demonstrate new thinking in retail, banking/insurance, telecommunications, among others. The AIE programme consists of nine innovation centres across the globe, including one in Mumbai

“It’s difficult for startups to find enterprises across the ocean, and for big corporations, it’s like seeking a needle in the haystack. This is the gap Capgemini is trying to bridge,” said Subrahmanya Rao, CEO of Discover Dollar, a Bangalore-based startup providing solutions to retailers.

Rao further added, “There are many startups in India that are facing such problems — building products, but not able to connect with overseas clients. One way to do so could be by connecting with their offices located in India.”

Prior to being accelerated under the Target Accelerator Program in India, Rao reached out to many international retailers, whose offices are in India.

One of them was British retailer Tesco. “It worked for us, but being a part of Target Accelerator Program expedited the process,” said Rao.

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