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You can now get an iPhone 5S for Rs. 24,999 only



You can now get an iPhone 5S for Rs. 24,999 only

Apple 5S has been one of the most hot selling iphones in India. The Times of India reported on December 14 that Apple has slashed the prices of this beloved phone for the third time in three months to push sales as the demand for iPhone 6 and 6S has taken a dip after Diwali.

The prices of iPhone 5s now starts at Rs 24,999, down from Rs 44,500 in September. This makes the Indian price of iPhone 5s one of the lowest worldwide. “iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales has again dampened after a brief period of pick up during Diwali, which has resulted in Apple reducing the price of iPhone 5s,” a senior executive with a leading retail chain told The Times of India. “This is interesting since iPhone 5s has been Apple’s best seller in the Indian market and companies usually don’t drop prices so frequently for popular models,” he said.

Retailers have said that iPhone 5s accounts for almost 50% of total iPhone sales in India. Apple had lowered the price of iPhone 5s during Dussehra in October and then again before Diwali in November. The Times of India reported that Apple’s price cut of iPhone 5s is part of its strategy to build a stronger portfolio in the mid-segment smartphone market.

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