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Indian Boy Remixes iPhone Ringtone to an EDM Track



Indian Boy Remixes iPhone Ringtone to an EDM Track

On one end while EDM is slowly creeping into the This-Is-So-Commercial realm, India-born California-based electronica creator MetroGnome (Aditya Iyer) came out with a genius remix of the iPhone ringtone. And boy, will you be thrown in a fit of awe, with your jaw dropped, as to how a one-dimensional ringtone can be embellished into a ravishing EDM makeover. Bets are this is going to be a worldwide hit. Or at least in India, ripples are going to be created.

If you want more of MetroGnome’s brilliance, check out his Breaking Bad Theme Song remix here and Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” here.

Meanwhile, here’s a live remix of, well, the “iPhone Ringtone”.

[avideo videoid=”M3h00M9dcj4#t=43″]

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