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WhatDaFun – India’s own social networking app


WhatDaFun – India’s own social networking app

“WhatDaFun” (WDF), a social networking app created in a small town near Delhi, is one of India’s fastest growing app which has attracted over 3 lakh mobile users. Its user base is spread across the country, and this growth is an evidence of its growing popularity amongst the masses.

The app is an interesting buffet of fun messages, which includes collection of jokes, status updates, quotes & images. It addresses the desire of many Indians to engage in a fun way with their network on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even, nuggets of news, cricket comments, or political jokes, are being shared actively on the platform.

As quoted in the media, WDF also has a large database on yearly hot occasions be it Diwali or Valentine’s Day!   “All the messages that are being circulated by Indians on their famous social platforms, are either picked up from our app or eventually land up in the app,” says Rajat Bansal, founder of WDF. “Users are themselves creating, uploading, moderating, liking, sharing, and commenting on the content.

“There are multiple levels of duplication & content filtering to ensure high quality of content. Our key to success is strong user feedback oriented approach towards app development. We maintain a strong connect with users & value every feedback. We continuously strive to keep our users excited by meeting their demands and adding innovative new features” he adds.   “People come here looking for fun content on their favourite topic, but they also find a whole fun community interacting on these topics.” says Singapore-based Dr. Rohit Bansal, who is looking after the business side of the venture.

So, now we have a homegrown fun community which understands the Indian joke sentiment. It also helps connect people who are like-minded, and want to laugh it out choosing the virtual route.

WDF is already gaining industry stature and recognition after being recently presented under the category of one of India’s leading innovation at Tomorrow’s India conclave held in Singapore 24-27 January to promote small and medium enterprises, startups, innovations, and creative ventures.

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