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‘Young Founder of Switch Idea aspires to create a global student opportunity platform’

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‘Young Founder of Switch Idea aspires to create a global student opportunity platform’

The Indian job sector is becoming more and more competitive. To stay ahead of the curve, it is important for students to not only be academically strong and have extra-curricular activities, but also have experience in a real office through internships.

Getting internships however, is not an easy task. It gets difficult for students to connect with the HR of companies without having a middle man of their own. One young man realised this gap in the market. This is how 23-year-old Niranjan Yadav co-founded Switch Idea, a student opportunity portal.

The online platform provides students with internship opportunities, fresher jobs and work from home opportunities. The website is a portal that allows students, fresh graduates and employees to connect with each other.

My Big Plunge caught up with the young entrepreneur to talk about his company. “The huge gap we recognised was that, existing internship platforms (most of them) dumped resumes to the HR’s email address. The process was long because the HR would then call the student, call them for interview and then test their skills. We wanted to do something in a way where the skills could be tested even before the interview. The HR, rather than receiving 200 applications would receive 20 applications with the students already having gone through a skills test, making the process easier, that is how we came up with Switch Idea”, Yadav says.

The young entrepreneur, who says technology is the backbone of Switch Idea, hopes that his company in five years will become a global student opportunity platform with not just internships but also fresher jobs and work from home opportunities.

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1 Comment

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