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Paytm helped users avoid over 1.6 billion trips to ATMs in 2022

Delhi-NCR is the digital payments capital of India, and Paytm helped users avoid over 1.6 billion trips to ATMs


Paytm helped users avoid over 1.6 billion trips to ATMs in 2022

One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading payments and financial services company and the pioneer of QR and mobile payments, announced the release of Paytm 2022 Recap, which highlights interesting trends of transactions made through Paytm in the last year. Paytm UPI is one of the most preferred payment methods for Indians, with its superfast and secure payments.

The company’s report shows that Delhi-NCR has emerged as India’s digital payments capital whereas Tamil Nadu’s Katpadi is the fastest growing city for digital payments with 7X growth in 2022. Chennai and Trichy in Tamil Nadu have the highest percentage of offline payments on food and beverages while Amritsar saw the highest spend on health and grooming through Paytm. Noida and Nagpur saw the highest percentage of spending via Paytm on micro sellers or street side vendors. Paytm’s market in the North East also saw huge growth. The fastest growing cities in the North East for UPI transactions are – Lohit in Arunachal Pradesh, South Sikkim and Ranipool, and Assam’s Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Jorhat and Kamrup.

From beaches of Goa to Ladakh’s mountains, Paytm is truly a name that resonates across the length and breadth of the country. One user has made transactions in 106 cities across 20 states. Another user booked flights between Mumbai and Delhi 358 times using the Paytm app.

An intriguing observation is that the maximum number of payments have been done at 7.23PM with Wednesday emerging as the busiest day in the week for digital transactions. Two of the most common names among Paytm’s users are Rahul and Pooja. The company helped its users avoid 1,618,796,629 trips to ATMs. Paytm is taking digital payments far and wide, driving financial inclusion with two out of three of its new users coming from smaller cities and towns.

Paytm continues to strengthen its leadership in offline payments with more than 5.5 million merchants now paying subscriptions for payment devices. Paytm Soundbox is the sound of merchant transactions in India, with a new merchant and their customers being greeted by its melody every six seconds!

With Paytm UPI, the company enables seamless and superfast money transfers. One user referred more than 1,300 of his friends and family to Paytm last year and earned over ₹1 Lakh. Engaging observations have been seen in merchant transactions with ₹20 being the most common amount paid on Paytm merchant QRs. Varanasi has seen 213% growth in Offline QR transactions.

Festivals have also been swept by the digital payments wave. During the online Diwali sale season, the highest amount spent by a single user was ₹2.8 Lakh. Another festival that saw a high volume of Paytm UPI transactions is Rakhi, with ₹1,100 being the favourite shagan.

Paytm Spokesperson said, “As the pioneer of QR and mobile-based payments in India, we continue to see widespread love for the most trusted payments app – Paytm. Over the last year, we have seen greater adoption amongst consumers and merchants, leading to some interesting trends with Paytm UPI leading the way. With the trust bestowed upon us by our users, we remain focused on driving financial inclusion in India.”

Paytm is India’s payment Super App offering consumers and merchants most comprehensive payment services. Pioneer of mobile QR payments revolution in India, Paytm’s mission is to bring half a billion Indians into the mainstream economy through technology-led financial services. Paytm enables commerce for small merchants and distributes various financial services offerings to its consumers and merchants in partnership with financial institutions.

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