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LogiNext rolls out cloud-based software for companies with large on-field workforce

LogiNext utilises self-learning algorithms which automatically plans routes every morning to improve efficiency


LogiNext rolls out cloud-based software for companies with large on-field workforce

LogiNext has enabled tracking and optimisation of their 1,000+ on-field employees’ movements. They are one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the field of logistics and field workforce management and have now opened up its cloud-based software to all the companies with large on-field workforce across the world.

Spearheading this technological development, Manisha Raisinghani, CTO, LogiNext said, “We have already been improving the efficiency by at least 5% for our customers across 10 countries and now with our self-sign up mode, more companies across the world will be able to go online, subscribe to our software and start using our software in minutes.”

LogiNext aims to evolve and maintain the highest industry accuracy rate for real-time fleet and field workforce tracking. Multiple enterprise clients that use the SaaS products for resource and route optimization include Suzuki, Yusen Logistics, Agility Logistics, DHL, Unilever, Coca Cola, Myntra, Tata Group, Godrej Group and more. Industries like Telecom, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Automobiles, and many more have adopted LogiNext’s products to streamline their operations and logistics.

Ms. Raisinghani further added, “Consider this, every day if your field representative visits 50 outlets; then with our software products, the same representative can serve more number of outlets while giving you complete visibility into their movements, performance and customer feedback.”

In past decade, many large-scale companies have seen a substantial increase in the profit share of their cloud-based computing and SaaS products. Morgan Stanley predicts that 30% of Microsoft revenue would be purely from its cloud products by 2018. Moreover, Microsoft predicts that the revenue from their new-cloud licensing would be up to 1.8 times the revenue from non-cloud licensing. Technology Business Research (TBR) predicts that the global revenue from the cloud computing platform would be $167 Billion.

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