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HCL Foundation announces grant recipients for 2023

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HCL Foundation announces grant recipients for 2023

Three NGOs, Planatearth, Innovators in Health (IIH) India and Meghshala Trust, will receive Rs 5 crore each for their projects under the HCL Grant endowment, according to a statement.

HCL Foundation announced the NGOs have been selected for the 2023 edition of its flagship programme HCL Grant, that supports pioneering work in sustainable rural development in India.

HCL Foundation delivers the corporate social responsibility agenda of HCL Technologies.

“Three NGOs Planatearth, Innovators in Health (IIH) India, and Meghshala Trust — will receive Rs 5 crore (about USD 620,000) each for their projects under the HCL Grant endowment. This year’s winners were chosen from submissions from more than 15,000 entities, an increase of 80 per cent versus last year,” the statement said.

Announcing the 2023 HCL Grant recipients, the statement said top winners focused on tech-led teacher training, tuberculosis care and water body conservation.

Robin Ann Abrams, Chairperson of the HCL Grant Jury, and board member, HCL Tech, said: “These organisations and their projects – aligned to the HCL Foundation’s core areas of focus in environment, health and education — will bring a visible and inclusive change to the last mile.”

Abrams added: “We believe their work will provide an important lifeline to rural communities by bridging inequality in healthcare, helping in freshwater conservation and more readily bringing education to underserved populations.”

In addition, six NGO finalists will receive grants of Rs 25 lakh (about USD 30,000) each in the categories of environment, education, health.

HCL Foundation has funded more than Rs 130 crore to NGOs since the HCL Grant programme’s onset eight years ago, reaching over 1.8 million beneficiaries in over 25,000 villages in remote districts across 19 states and two Union Territories.

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