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ORGAN India hosts organ donation awareness session

ORGAN India hosts an organ donation awareness session at Rabindranath World School


ORGAN India hosts organ donation awareness session

ORGAN India, The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India, an initiative by Parashar Foundation was invited by the Rabindranath World School, Gurugram to deliver an awareness talk on Organ donation on the 25th of January, 2023.

Dr. Sourabh Sharma, Manager, Projects and Outreach at ORGAN India and with Mr. Arbaz, Project Associate at ORGAN India, engaged the students in an informative session about the importance of organ donation. The students were enlightened about the growing organ donation crisis in our country. As per statistics 5 lakh people need organ transplant surgery in our country every year but a meagre percentage of these patients are able to receive an organ. Helping the students get acquainted with the process, Dr Sourabh and Mr Arbaz informed them that one person can donate multiple organs and can save about 8-10 lives.

A total of 150 students attended this workshop with the Principal and teachers of the Rabindranath World School, Gurugram.

“At Rabindrabath World School we ensure that our students are aware about their social responsibilities and they grow up to be citizens that work for the betterment of the country. This collaboration with ORGAN India to raise awareness about organ donation in India was a very important and informative session. We are happy that our students got to know about the ground realities and the process”, shared Mr Gaurav Tomar, Vice Chairman, Rabindranath World School.

“An instrumental part of our initiatives is to directly connect with the public in raising awareness. This session was also in the same vein. It is important for children to be aware about organ donation as they are the future of our country. The more aware they are, the more aware their parents will be. The government in many states have issued  directives to schools to ensure there are talks on organ donation at least once a year in schools. Till now ORGAN India ( The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network) has covered more than 170+ schools. Just as the ‘say no to cracker’ campaign gained popularity with children, we wish to make organ donation a household phrase so it can be discussed within families. We need to ensure that the message that goes out is positive and we are happy to collaborate with Rabindranath World School for the same”, shared Ms Anika Parashar, Chairperson Parashar Foundation.

ORGAN India has an MOU with the District Administration, Gurgaon under which they are working with various schools, hospitals, clinics,  colleges etc. in Gurgaon to conduct awareness sessions on organ donation.

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