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What’s it like to work at WittyFeed, India’s largest viral content company and the world’s second largest?

India’s largest viral content company
The objective of #GreenWorkplace initiative was to make each of WittyFeed's employees get acquainted with their responsibilities for life and care for it

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What’s it like to work at WittyFeed, India’s largest viral content company and the world’s second largest?

All of these activities are done to keep our employees happy and engaged so that they know what exactly they are working towards.

WittyFeed is India’s largest viral content company, and this is a feat that is, in itself, applaudable. However, when you couple it with the fact that the company is just about two years old and is now considered the world’s second largest viral content company – it just makes it great.

Vinay Singhal and Shashank VaishnavWittyFeed’s CEO and CTO respectively, started a facebook page called Amazing Things in the World while they were still in college and managed to garner 4.2 million followers. Then they realized it was time to monetize their audience, from which the platform WittyFeed began to shape up.

India’s largest viral content companyWhile it started out using only the owner’s Facebook content, they have now diversified into about 18 categories including travel, inspiration, relationships, health and fitness and celebrities. In July of 2014, Parveen Singhal joined WittyFeed as Chief Content Officer and co-founder. The office is now situated in the heart of Indore and is run by a young, dedicated team of over 100 members.

Talking about his team, Vinay Singhal, CEO and Co-founder says, “Each member in the office is no less than a family. We know how to take a stand for our each other whenever we can and that goes to all of us at WittyFeed Headquarters.” Vinay goes on to say that their work culture is such that there is a consistency of maintaining a familial bond in the office, unlike any other place he has seen before.

The WittyFeed headquarters in Indore is as good as any in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai or Bangalore – considered the Silicon Valley of India. It boasts of a nap room for employees to rest, if and when they don’t feel too well or if they need to work late nights and stay over. Concerned for everybody’s health, they even provide healthy meals to employees.

To keep employees motivated, they have a monthly title award of ‘Family member of the month’ and the ‘Wall of Fame’, all of which is aimed at keeping them on the go. “We also conduct crazy fun activities like Fashion shows, stand-up comedy sessions, dance sessions, yoga activities, table-tennis tournaments etc.,” Vinay adds.

One of the things that they practice relentlessly, every morning, is a ‘Morning Standup’. Here, the entire office gathers to talk about their achievements and tasks that they’ve covered on the previous day. WittyFeed believes in starting the day as a family with a lot of positivity for which, they meditate. Vinay believes that this helps on a day-to-day basis saying “The meditation is basically an OM chant which spreads all the good vibes that we need to manage an entire day without feeling lethargic or demotivated.”

Another concept that has been introduced recently is the ‘Town Hall’. The concept is to promote and maintain clear communication among every person in the organisation. Vinay explains, “Each one of us, from the highest delegated authority to everybody in the office sits together and talk, just plain simple talking.” He elaborates that it helps in getting everyone to understand the vision of the company and ensure that everyone in working in tandem to continue moving in the right direction. “It’s one of the best ways to mingle with your co-workers and perform as a team.”

WittyFeed managers had used Earth Day, 22 April, to inculcate care and compassion through their ‘Green Workplace’ initiative. All employees asked to carry a plant to the office and act as a parent to their respective plants, starting with giving it a name. The employees were briefed that they will have to take care of their plants like their children, water them and help them grow. The founders are of the view that this is the time in their lives where they need to learn about responsibility, care, compassion, the power of discipline, work ethics, priorities and discover who they are as human beings.

The ‘charticle and listicle platform’ performs these activities to keep their employees “happy and engaged” while informing them of the larger goal that they are all working towards. Vinay says, “It helps them know what direction they’re going in along with an understanding and relating to the vision of the company.” He adds, “Every activity is meant for the growth of our employees not only on a professional level but on a personal level as well.”

It is important to the company to inculcate these values in their employees and keep in check the direction the organisation is moving in. They are an indigenous, self-reliant company that has managed to grow even with the constraints of being bootstrapped. They are currently valued at $30 million and the company registered a revenue of Rs. 26 crore in the last financial year – expecting to cross Rs. 35 crore this year.

WittyFeed is looking to become the single largest Content Exchange, where all brands need to do is share their message and leave the rest in the hands of the eco-system. Hence, they are also looking to expand further in the US market – which already contributes about 30% of the company’s traffic.

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