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Amazon to roll out re-designed new Alexa APP making it user friendly

Amazon alexa app


Amazon to roll out re-designed new Alexa APP making it user friendly

New Alexa APP to get improved navigation, fresh home screen and user-friendliness with the buttons moved up

Amazon is working on releasing a re-designed new Alexa app for Apple’s iPhone, tablets and phones running on Google’s Android platform.

Besides featuring on Amazon’s devices like Fire TV and Echo, the digital assistant which offers many of the same functionality as Apple Siri, is also available on other platforms. However, the current Alexa app is a bit difficult to use, as it makes users go through menus to find different settings. This is excepted to get fixed in the update. In the new app, users might see their reminders, a Spotify playlist, shopping list, an upcoming alarm and an Audible book. What this means is that every user’s Alexa home screen will be different.

Furthermore, Amazon is moving the Alexa button from the bottom of the app to the top to make it more straightforward and easy to navigate. Reminders, routines, skills, settings and other options will be moved from the menu to a new more button at the bottom of the screen. The changes will make the app more user-friendly. Suggestions might also feature frequently accessed controls or management options for currently active devices, like Echo speakers or Echo Buds. The APP will now cater to actual consumer habits and not as aspirational design that forward’s Amazon’s strategy to market Alexa as an app platform.

Users can avail the revamped Alexa app by the end of August.

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