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COWE’s Aveksha Day Care Centers: Empowering Women and Supporting Families

Two Aveksha Day Care Centers for Construction Workers' Children Opened


COWE’s Aveksha Day Care Centers: Empowering Women and Supporting Families

In a heartening initiative to support working mothers in the construction industry, the Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India (COWE) has opened two new Aveksha Day Care Centers for Construction Workers’ Children. These centers, inaugurated on the occasion of Labour Day, mark a significant step towards providing much-needed support to families in the construction sector.

The first center was opened at My Home Apas Residential Project in Kokapet Village, Gandipet Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, while the second was established at MHC Vipina Residential in Manmole Village, Ramchandrapuram, Sangareddy District. These centers are the second and third of their kind, following the successful launch of the first center at My Home Nishada earlier this year.

Ramu Rao, Executive Chairman of My Home Constructions, expressed his support for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of supporting construction workers and their families. “Construction workers are the backbone of any construction project,” Rao stated. “We are deeply committed to the cause of supporting them, and we jumped at the idea of a Creche for construction workers. COWE’s initiative is commendable, and we are fully supportive of their efforts.”

COWE aims to open a total of 100 Aveksha Day Care Centers across India, with a potential need for 100 centers within Telangana itself. The organization has already opened 12 centers across various industries and plans to open 20 centers in the first phase. Uma Gurkha, one of the founding members of COWE, expressed her vision for the future, stating, “After completing the 20 centers in Telangana, our vision is to have Aveksha centers across India.”

Aveksha, which means ‘To Take Care Of,’ is a daycare facility initiated by COWE for children of industrial workers, especially in the industrial sector and underprivileged sections of society. The centers aim to empower women by providing free daycare services, enabling them to focus on their jobs and achieve economic independence.

The impact of COWE’s Aveksha centers has been significant, with 200 children benefiting from the facilities so far. Additionally, 150 mothers have been empowered to work, with 25 women transitioning from homemakers to employed individuals. The centers have not only provided financial empowerment but have also improved the discipline and creativity of the children.

Each Aveksha Day Care Center is equipped with CCTV cameras for monitoring, ensuring a safe and secure environment for the children. The centers are staffed by a team of three members, including a Coordinator, a Sr. Caretaker, and a Jr. Caretaker, to ensure the best standards of care.

COWE’s Aveksha Day Care Centers are a testament to the organization’s commitment to supporting women and families in need. Through these centers, COWE is not only providing essential daycare services but also empowering women to pursue their careers and achieve economic stability.

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