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Plan B: Definitely the First Option

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Plan B: Definitely the First Option


Plan B

Plan B, Bengaluru

Plan B: Definitely the First Option

When you step into Plan B, you’re hit by the vibe of an old tavern or diner. Boisterous and loud, yet warm and comforting, the wafting aromas of food and beer invite you inside. This place is jam packed almost all the time. Being a niche joint for college goers and the working class alike, its food and vibe have gradually inculcated itself into the feel of the city. So much so that many other more recent establishments have aped its success. Located in the heart of the city, it’s just about accessible for everyone.


Their deals and combos are quite something. Try the half priced chicken wings on Tuesdays. With half a dozen wings and flavor options, every single one is tasty. Or go for the half priced tacos instead on Thursday. One of their special sauces, ABS, or Ass Burner Sauce, is so fiery it’s hard to even inhale the aroma! For the spice buffs, there’s even a special competition where you have to finish a dozen ABS wings in less than four minutes. An intense and grueling task, but so worth it. Wrapping up the wings in this time means that the wings are on the house! What’s even cooler is that you get your mugshot taken and stuck up behind the bar with your name and score timing so everyone can see. Failing to complete the task however, you not only pay for the wings, but also get your photo stuck out back near the loo! They also have a competition based on a time trial with a 700gm patty burger. It is little humorous concepts like these that make the place worth visiting again and again.


Finally, the ambience, too, is one of cheer. Not a place to take your 90 year old grandmom, or maybe have a quiet date. But definitely THE place to go for some fun times, group meetups, hearty gossip, delicious food and cold beer. This makes Plan B a number 1 option!


The crowd at the restaurant is so intense that many people are forced to wait over 2 hours for a place to sit! Thus, they recently opened a second venue, Plan B Loaded, very nearby. The new joint serves hard liquor too.


In short, if you don’t hit up this place, you’re pretty square!


Best Picks- the bacon wrapped sausages, the chicken wings and the beer, all nicely rolled into one fun time!!

20, Castle Street, Ashok Nagar, Brigade Road Area, Bangalore. (P) 080 41119225, +91 9739902745




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