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shazé launched its store in Mumbai with the idea to express and #VentItOut

Shaze mumbai
Rahul Khanna called upon people to come and #VentItOut


shazé launched its store in Mumbai with the idea to express and #VentItOut

Looking to personify the stance against stereotyping, shazé launched its store in Mumbai recently – which also houses a venting booth.

The lifestyle brand, that is against stereotyping and labelling and encourages Self-Expression,

Shaze mumbai mural

shazé mural: #AgainstLabels

has a venting booth set up, allowing people to videotape and record themselves venting out their deepest, darkest thoughts and frustrations. The outlet’s façade displays over 600 most used and abused ‘labels’ that people all over the world are subjected to, due to their size, shape, colour, mannerism etc.

Samrat Zaveri, MD, shazé, says, “This is not just a store. It is intended as a place that empowers you to express your moods and sentiments. I am over-whelmed by the response and soon other shazé stores too will offer the same venting option”.

Attendees were egged on by Rahul Khanna, present at the venue, who encouraged people to come and #VentItOut. The first day saw people venting about issues like global warming, traffic woes, potholes on the roads, unavailability of Coldplay, the high pricing of iPhone 7, poor cell-phone network connectivity and more.

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