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British Council Launches 2024 GREAT Scholarships for Indian Students, Covering a Range of Disciplines

GREAT Scholarships 2024


British Council Launches 2024 GREAT Scholarships for Indian Students, Covering a Range of Disciplines

In a bid to promote educational opportunities and strengthen cultural ties between India and the UK, the British Council has unveiled the GREAT Scholarships 2024. This initiative, in partnership with the UK government’s GREAT Britain campaign, offers Indian students the chance to pursue postgraduate taught studies in the UK starting from the autumn of 2024, spanning a wide array of fields.

This year, the programme features 26 postgraduate GREAT scholarships across 25 UK universities, covering diverse subjects such as Finance, Marketing, Business, Psychology, Design, Humanities, Dance, and more. Each scholarship is valued at a minimum of £10,000, which will be allocated towards tuition fees for a one-year postgraduate course during the 2024-25 academic year.

In a special collaboration with the Ministry for Justice, the GREAT Scholarships programme includes two scholarships tailored for Justice and Law studies, available at two esteemed higher education institutions renowned for their exceptional legal programs. These scholarships cater to students interested in pursuing courses related to human rights, property law, criminal justice, commercial law, and more.

Moreover, the 2024-25 academic year will see the availability of four Science and Technology scholarships across four UK universities. These scholarships provide Indian students with the opportunity to enroll in courses covering various science and technology-related subjects, including artificial intelligence, sustainable engineering, and psychology, among others.

The GREAT Scholarships programme is designed to broaden access to UK education in India, showcasing the diverse range of institutions in the UK offering a plethora of courses for students to choose from. With over 133,237 Indian students opting to study in the UK each year, these scholarships aim to reinforce the strong ties between the UK and India while encouraging more Indian students to pursue education in the UK.

Interested applicants for the scholarships must have received an offer of entry from one of the participating universities and must meet all entry requirements for the chosen course as stipulated by the respective university.

For detailed information about the GREAT Scholarships and the application process, interested students can visit the official British Council website at

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