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SAAS based F&B solutions witness greater adoption in 2021

SAAS based F&B solutions witness greater adoption in 2021


SAAS based F&B solutions witness greater adoption in 2021

Due to the pandemic, restaurant industry took a big blow. Over 25% F&B outlets permanently shut down due to the covid-19 crisis. Given the fact that many are still struggling to survive, it became imperative to adopt a solution that would catalyse the recovery rate.

The situation demanded an immediate disruption to save the day for the food and business outlets. The owners figured that technology interference to monitor the wastage, supplies, and procurement would certainly cut down on cost of operations. On the other hand, entrepreneur added more solutions to their SAAS offerings to refine their offering that would play life saviour to the F&B brands. Some of the SAAS based F&B solutions that witnessed greater adoption were:


SupplyNote is India’s first SaaS+ e-commerce platform helping food businesses to scale. It provides a Cloud based web and mobile enabled suite connecting restaurant outlets, service providers and suppliers. With SupplyNote, one can manage inventory, place orders, and uncover sales performance insights to strengthen the health of the business. All this together makes it an end-to end solution for any food business


The brand supports the restaurant industry. Their 24×7 customer support and prompt on-ground assistance, with regular feedback gives their customers an unparalleled experience for their restaurant partners.
The brand aims to cater to the need of the restaurants, ranging from big names to the small stand-alone shops spread across the country.

POSist Restaurant

It is another cloud-based platform, which provides solution specifically for the food industry. The brand helps all types of food businesses, from a small stand-alone food outlet to a larger food chain and manages various functions like billing, CRM, Inventory and Vendor Management.The real time mobile report helps the managers keep track of the on-going business activities.

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Rebel Foods

Having introduced the patented machinery and an efficient operating system, Rebel Foods has changed the norms of the food delivery restaurant industry/ They serve with the standardized quality of food, across the globe. They understand the differences of various single food joints to the massively spread food chain restaurants and pay equal heed to the quality of each food item supplied.

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