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Staqu deploys JARVIS Video Analytics with Olive Living spaces

Staqu deploys JARVIS Video Analytics with Olive Living spaces, aims to make living space smarter, safer and secure


Staqu deploys JARVIS Video Analytics with Olive Living spaces

Staqu, India’s leading AI implementation enabler, has deployed JARVIS, its flagship product with Olive living spaces. With this new proprietary upgrade, JARVIS will be equipped to optimize the resources in an efficient manner, making living spaces/societies smarter, safer and relatively more secure. 

“The latest Olive Co-living integration in JARVIS comes at a crucial point. Given that modern Co-living spaces are more adaptive to digitize their various monitoring activities, Jarvis helps them in getting insights of all their nooks and corners using the third eye which is an existing CCTV camera equipped with artificial intelligence. JARVIS is being utilized by Olive in streamlining their safety, security, and SOP monitoring protocol with a human independent manner and without any biases,” said Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of Staqu.

Integrated with Olive Living, JARVIS will now be able to detect and notify any intrusion in real-time, subsequently alerting the relevant stakeholders. A similar approach will be taken in case of fire, violence, cleaning/mopping, and overcrowding detection. Simply by integrating JARVIS with existing CCTV, Olive can now verify if all their SOPS are followed or not and provide hassle-free, seamless, and comfortable living space for its members. 

In addition, upgraded JARVIS is now equipped to conduct thorough overcrowding analysis and sleeping security guard checks along with real-time alert, JARVIS also provides Video management software along with digital recording and various state of art reports which can be used in various predictive analysis for decision-making.

“The tie-up with Staqu is in perfect alignment with Olive’s mission and vision to manage properties remotely, make living spaces safer, secure and guarded against delinquents and wrongdoers without increasing overheads. Today we can manage many properties from a remote location with the highest situational awareness in the industry,” said Kahraman Yigit, Co-Founder & CEO –  Olive Living. “Staqu has enabled us to migrate the majority of the responsibilities of mid-level management to Jarvis. We are thrilled with this partnership and truly hope that together we can create an ecosystem where technology can achieve its highest potential and support the needs and necessities of modern-day societies,” he added.

As a Gurgaon-based Artificial Intelligence start-up, Staqu strives to utilize technology in solving real-world problems. Founded in 2015, the company provides state-of-the-art image recognition, language-independent proprietary speaker identification, and text processing, including sentiment analysis, text classification and summarization. Staqu was handpicked by the British High Commission as the Best AI Start-up in the country. Furthermore, triumphing at IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program, Staqu has successfully raised investment from Indian Angel Network.

Olive Living, a co-living asset brand from Embassy Group, India’s leading real estate developer, targets young working professionals and students across India. From fabulous furnishings to state-of-the-art technology-driven amenities, Olive properties have wellness centers, cafes, relaxing breakout lounges, communal open kitchens, a screening cinema, gaming rooms, music and karaoke rooms, laundromats, convenience stores, co-working areas, and rooftop terraces. They provide smart living solutions optimized for rest, work, and play, fully equipped for people who enjoy hassle-free living.

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