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India’s start-up ecosystem ready to receive Rs. 5000 crore by end of calendar year


India’s start-up ecosystem ready to receive Rs. 5000 crore by end of calendar year

The Indian start-up space is likely to lap up an inflow of at least Rs.5000 crore by the end of this calendar year. Such a massive flow of capital is mostly due to the rapidly expanding start-up community and the fast rate at which new and innovative start-ups are sprouting up across the country.

Numerous companies across contrasting fields like gaming, education, fashion and retail, e-commerce, consumer internet and logistics are looking for funds from angel investors and venture capitals. Most of these companies are aiming at raising amounts anywhere between $2 million and $50 million in the next six months.

What’s good news for these start-ups is that investors ranging from angel funds, venture capitalists and private equity firms are waiting pounce on innovative and potential ideas that can be turned into successful and profitable business models.

“Many students of IITs and IIMs are now looking at being job creators by setting up start-ups, rather than being job hunters,” said ah! Ventures Founder and Chief Executive Officer Harshad Lahoti. ah! Ventures is in the process of closing three more investments in the coming weeks.

The rising Internet penetration, smartphone affordability and data consumption is further boosting the popularity of start-up business models. However, for all successful entrepreneurial companies, it has always been the initial idea that struck gold.

The e-commerce sector, a part of the start-up ecosystem, has already received a total of $1,633 million during the first five months of 2015, according to a study by Grant Thornton India. An insider from the said company said that every week, atleast 20 individuals are trying to begin a start-up in Bangalore.
With such predictions already on the way, the Indian start-up community is surely up for some fruitful and lucrative times.

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