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Apple on a shopping spree



Apple on a shopping spree

Apple, one of the most valued companies in the world has recently been in news for making many acquisitions. Also, with the dip in iphone sales, it seems like a natural extension to invest in buyouts, in turn, expected to strengthen its offerings or features.

Apple has added Linx to its product kitty. Linx is a camera technology company that captures in-depth sensing cameras, to give its users 3D image sending map. Of course, this new imaging technology will add to its existing sophisticated imaging capability. The main feature of Linx includes increased refocusing on the captured images, DSLR like background image, and better low light photography. iPhone currently scores high over other smart phone cameras, and with this added capability it will have a clear edge over competition.

Apple also acquired VocalIQ, a company that creates a machine based virtual assistant. This development is being viewed as a step to further shape its digital assistant — Siri. This digital assistant answered queries on weather, gives directions etc. so, through this new acquisition, Apple is committed to improve its voice technology deliveries as well as enhance the abilities of a virtual assistant. Take for consideration, your phone’s ability to acquire a driver’s vocabulary. This will help a user with much more assistance than just weather and direction updates.

Now, the latest acquisition by Apple is a surprise because it differs greatly from the company’s previous acquisitions. Apple has acquired LearnSprout, a firm with an education service which lets academic staff members analyse student data. While this set of information helps analyse students trends like their skills analysis, or their health information; it is yet to be seen how apple exactly plans to go about this acquisition.

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