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NxtGen Launches SpeedCloud, India’s First Application Services Platform for Global Markets

NxtGen Launches SpeedCloud , India's First Application Services Platform for Global Markets


NxtGen Launches SpeedCloud, India’s First Application Services Platform for Global Markets

Set to Liberate Public Cloud Service Usage from Proprietary Technologies Powered by Openstack, SpeedCloud allows users self-service manageability in a simple and safe/secure virtual set-up, offering infinite speed & scalability coupled with unparalleled Price to Performance NxtGen, a leading Cloud Technologies and Datacenter provider in India with existing Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) operations has launched its public cloud computing platform SpeedCloud available for global markets. Backed by best-in-class technology components and powered by Intel, Canonical and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SpeedCloud is NxtGen’sendeavour is to simplify and strengthen the adoption of opensource technologies in the country.

The Indian cloud computing market is pegged at 2.2 billion, according to a recent NASSCOM study while adoption of public cloud services is expected to grow to 4.1 billion as per a forecast by Gartner Inc., a US-based research and advisory company. SpeedCloud is based on OpenStack and is uniquely equipped to help users to adopt cloud services at value based price points, compared to existing industry options. Enterprises should save up to 82% compared to global service providers and also get superior performance. SpeedCloudTM accelerates enterprises, start-up and individual developer efforts to build differentiated applications take it to market in matter of weeks by leveraging comprehensive resources available on-demand. Bare-metal servers for Gaming, High-performance Computing & low-latency database servers High-performance virtual machines not just infrastructure as a service (IaaS), but also developer frameworks, SQL/NoSQL databases, Managed Kubernetes as a Service and a new high-performance LXD containers from Canonical Software as a Service ready applications built by NxtGen’s in-house team and other ISVs are available Every application requires few core-capabilities, to process payments, video/audio, data and protect & manage user identities and will be available off the shelf for developers to integrate into their applications and reduce their time to market.

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SpeedCloudTM had been rolled out for a select few customers for their comprehensive testing and valuable inputs. Over 300 gaming servers are being used by customers across Europe and are thrilled by their performance. SpeedCloudTM High-performance Computing Cluster was built with know-how and collaboration from HPE-Cray and Intel’s new generation processors, it is being used by few of the premier technology institutions across the country. This would be made available to all technology education institutions for free on a time-share basis so that students can learn to use super-computing models for research. SpeedCloudTM is readily available for global customers at India is a large country with millions of enterprises, to ensure customers are well engaged, NxtGen is rolling out SpeedCloudTM via 2,000+ value added partners. These partners are being trained not just to sell these services, but offer managed services for deploying, migrating and managing these cloud services. Commenting on its launch, Mr. A. S. Rajgopal, CEO of NxtGen Infinite Datacenter said, We at NxtGen take pride in presenting SpeedCloud, a decentralised cloud service built to revolutionize the cloud space globally. It is built to empower users to customise and deploy cloud services on their own terms at unmatched economics and performance. SpeedCloud offers a comprehensive platform for building and running applications. At NxtGen, our users are our priority and it is our passion to extend high quality cost-effective services/solutions to them.

Click-to-deployment mechanisms & speedy deployments of enterprise applications, pre-integrated modules for complete control, independent operations and services, highly secure physical and logical isolation of workloads, feasibility to scale up or down of workloads and seamless automation and integration between services and modules, makes SpeedCloud user-friendly. It also empowers users with its rapid application deployment across Bare Metal, Virtual Machine and Container-based Deployments. Furthermore, a study conducted by Cloud Spectator validates NxtGen’s superior Price-Performance efficiency, best-in-class value and cost optimisation to existing offerings in the market. A team of cloud experts will also be available to assist and help resolve issues in real time. About NxtGen Infinite Datacenter NxtGen is a Bangalore-headquartered, leading cloud-based service and Datacenter provider in India. Founded in 2012, NxtGen’s differentiated customer-centric approach helps users of different scales, leverage NxtGen provided, reliable, secure, flexible, simplified IT solutions, through an existing, robust infrastructure at reduced running costs. NxtGen’s Infinite Datacenter vision, is a state where customers have elastic IT infrastructure available on-demand, and pay-per-use, resulting in freeing IT budgets to invest in new application roll-outs. The key services include a complete cloud cover, fulfilled through its Infinite Datacenter, IT Infrastructure Services, IT continuity services, IT Transformation Services. Learn more about how NxtGen Infinite Datacenter enables hyper-converged hybrid compute infrastructure at Image: Mr. A. S. Rajgopal, CEO of NxtGen Infinite Datacenter

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