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Oppo files over 125 patents from Camera Lab in India


Oppo files over 125 patents from Camera Lab in India

Chinese mobile phone maker Oppo on Tuesday said it has filed over 125 patents from its Camera Lab, established recently in India.

Tasleem Arif, vice president, India research and development head, Oppo, said the company is determined to push artificial intelligence capabilities to bring high-end videography innovation to the users.

“The newly launched camera lab is designed to develop localised features, camera solutions using AI and focus on developing imaging software for a better user experience. To strengthen our focus on Camera technology, our India team have already filed over 125 patents in this domain and out of these more than 50 per cent are into AI in Camera,” Arif said.

The lab in India aims to pursue innovations to support Oppo’s leadership in imaging technology, including camera system and module innovation, computation optimisation, and algorithm research, he added.

From using AI Algorithms, developing AI facial reconstruction technology to enhancing the application of beauty solutions, all imaging effects will be specifically designed and tuned for the Indian skin tones at the camera lab.

The innovations are designed to provide localised solutions in India for the world, a statement said.

The Indian team will also be leading innovations for other countries, including the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Japan, and Europe. Further, the lab will also work towards developing solutions for video, still photography, and research on full dimension fusion (FDF) portrait video system technology.

“Imaging technology has always been a focal point of Oppo India R&D. With this lab set-up, while we work towards elevating the overall camera experience for our users, our focus is on localisation of Global solutions and developing new solutions, which can be globalised. What we will be developing in India Camera lab will end up in the hands of millions of Oppo users across the globe,” Arif said.

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According to market research firm IDC, Oppo slipped to the fifth slot, but its shipments grew 123 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2021.

IDC estimates 17 per cent of Oppo shipments were 5G, claiming third place in the 5G market after Realme and OnePlus.

It also surpassed Samsung for the second slot in offline channels at a 20 per cent market share, according to the market research firm.

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