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TRAI’s public comments section reveals hilarious love letter


TRAI’s public comments section reveals hilarious love letter

After the uproar caused by TRAI’s decision to make over 1 million email Ids public causing a concern over user privacy, Indian internet users finally came upon an amusing bit of information that can lighten up the situation temporarily. One of the public responses put out by the TRAI on its paper regarding OTTs and Net Neutrality reveals a rib tickling love letter sent by a man to his girlfriend. The rather descriptive letter may have showcased puppy love at its finest though Indian netizens are having a good laugh by reading and sharing it. You too can join the fun :

The comments sent to TRAI had been classified into three categories: Comments from the Service Providers, Comments from Service Providers’ Association and Comments from Other Stakeholders. The third category included start-ups, regular internet users etc.

The disclosure of the letter proves the fact that TRAI did not even bother to check the contents of the responses before they decided to make them public. Moreover, exposing such a bulk amount of legitimate email Ids is an open invitation for spammers and hackers. Currently, the government and TRAI are contemplating regulations that will provide clarity on the subject of Net Neutrality.

Till then, Indian users can enjoy a few jocular moments, thanks to this humorous act of negligence.

You can find the original link of the letter on TRAI’s official site here.

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