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Time to Embrace a Digital Payment to Reduce Your Financial Stress

Time to Embrace a Digital Payment to Reduce Your Financial Stress


Time to Embrace a Digital Payment to Reduce Your Financial Stress

Time to Embrace a Digital Payment to Reduce Your Financial Stress

NeoBenk, a Worldwide Digital Payment Corporation, today announced their official launch on 20th November 2020. According to this announcement, all customers that open a NeoBenk account during the celebration period of the launch till 20th November 2020 will share an exclusive reward distribution of US 1 Million (Rs 750 Lakh). NeoBenk is operational and open for partnership and continues to onboard new private and corporate clients 100% digitally from the comfort and safety of their homes, anywhere in the world. As people rethink how and where they want to live during, and after Covid-19, digital payments’ migration continues to accelerate. According to a survey by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), an international financial institution owned by central banks, one in ten central banks representing approximately one-fifth of the world’s population expect to issue their own digital currencies within the next three years.

At press time, data from multinational financial corporation NeoBenk states that it enables its private and corporate customers to send, spend, and receive money with no fees in multiple currencies. Customers can also buy, hold, and sell Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies and invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust. NeoBenk Business also provides comprehensive solutions to accept payments, on sites, in apps, and in stores. Through NeoBenk Interest Accounts, customers can earn up to 8.00% APY paid out daily on their USD, EUR, GBP, USDT, and USDC balance, all accessed via an easy to use NeoBenk E-banking portal with state-of-the-art security features. Multi-asset investment platform NeoBenk can help provide customers with a means of generating consistent income at attractive interest rates, with the potential for a lower level of risk than the stock market. Whether a customer is just beginning their financial journey or have decades of experience under their belt, cultivating an income-generating component to a NeoBenk portfolio is an important step and the company said they are very proud to be offering this feature.

It is clear to us that most people don’t have access to excellent financial services, even in 2020. Today still there are billions of underbanked people worldwide who don’t have access to regular products or services. Our goal is to disrupt traditional banking even of the online-only variety and change the way people think about banking by changing the way they bank. said Indranil Sinha, the President of NeoBenk. In order to expand our services to global customers, we have to find trusted partners. So, we are welcoming currency exchanges, money service businesses, and financial institutions to join us through a NeoBenk Partnership Program. We are open to collaborating with other companies and developers in this respect. We believe in a future of collaboration, not a competition! The company said: We believe that Gold should be accessible to everyone, we’re proud to bring PAXG as Digital Gold for our customers for democratizing access to Gold. PAXG is provided by the Paxos Trust Company, a regulated provider of digital currency products and services. Companies like PayPal, Revolut, Binance, etc. are also bringing the benefits of Digital Assets through Paxos to the masses.

On this matter, Indranil opined that: Digital Assets will play a significant role in the future global economic system; moreover, governments around the world are beginning to realize that Digital Assets are here to stay. At NeoBenk, we are looking forward to bringing reputable and regulated Digital Assets that will deliver services to customers regardless of their geography. NeoBenk Ventures Sets up 10 Million (Rs7.5 Crore) for Indian Startups in Digital Payments. The growing adoption of digital payments and digital representations of value in the country, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, has necessitated the need for digital services more accessible to more people by arming them with the products and services they need to reduce financial stress. In a note shared with the press, the company said, As an international financial services corporation, NeoBenk looks at India as a crucial market as it has tremendous potential in its fintech sector and we think of it long term. We are looking forward to taking NeoBenk’s integrated banking solution to market, together with our valued customers and partners through our investment arm NeoBenk Ventures. These investments are part of NeoBenk’s commitment to invest 50 Million (Rs37.5 Crore) to support currency exchanges, money service businesses, and payment and remittance solutions. The fund, which plans to invest around 50,000 (Rs37.5 Lakh) per Indian startups to offer a safer, faster, and more convenient payment experience for NeoBenk customers and help drive incremental access to Digital Assets.

About NeoBenk NeoBenk, a technology-driven financial services company founded on Swiss and Hong Kong financial heritage operating globally offers various products, including the high interest-bearing personal accounts, business accounts, Line of credit, peer-to-peer payments, crypto trading, and more. NeoBenk is the easiest place; whether you move it, save it, send it, receive it or spend it, NeoBenk is here to get your money where you want it, when you need it, 24-7.

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