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The Plunge Daily Changing the Face of e-commerce In India Changing the Face of e-commerce In India

E-commerce Changing the Face of e-commerce In India

Xuppi, a social commerce platform that makes e-commerce entertaining via live streaming has been launched as a disrupter in the traditional online retail space. Through this unique interactive e-commerce platform, sellers can partner with verified influencers and live streamers to reach out to their fanbase in a social way by creating content around the products and labels converging into on-the-spot sales.

Speaking on the launch of the platform, Mr Pankaj Chadha, Co-founder of Xuppi said, “We have developed Xuppi as a discovery platform where the seller can showcase their product to the buyer resulting in demand creation. Xuppi is E-commerce 2.0, wherein we progress from need-based buying to want and impulse driven shopping. Xuppi uniquely combines the power of live shopping and video streaming, using advanced features like live chat and enables a buyer to complete the transaction on the same screen, without having to switch between platforms.

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We also help sellers do a multi-host live with influencers wherein the influencers can invite their fanbase to see sellers’ range of products, ask questions and make informed purchase decisions. We are a community-based platform wherein the buyers interact and engage with seller in a unique way.”

Xuppi has already collaborated with some of the country’s leading brands including Archies, Bombay Shaving Company, Voi Jeans, Hammer, Naagin Sauce, Globus Remedies, Glamveda, and Orive Organics among others allowing for smart shipping to over 27,000 pin codes. Sellers can choose to partner with over 2,500 verified influencers to boost sales, branding and expand the customer base.

The mobile app for both iOS and Android versions shall be available soon. Xuppi believes that this form of retail will be a game changer for sellers and influencers to collaborate in a more direct outcome-oriented format basis sales and content interactions with consumers. It completely moves away from search-based index listing and instigates impulse buying which so far has been the main gap between online and offline retail models.

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