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Airtel Xstream Fiber launches ‘Secure Internet’ for Rs 99 per month

Airtel Xstream Fiber launches 'Secure Internet' for users


Airtel Xstream Fiber launches ‘Secure Internet’ for Rs 99 per month

Airtel Xstream Fiber has launched ‘Secure Internet’ for its customers, a tool offering real-time protection against malware to all connected devices, amid a surge in cyber threats. As customers in India spend more time online for Work from Home, e-commerce, and entertainment, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats, Airtel said in a statement.

Online classes and e-Learning for kids have brought the need for effective content filtering on the internet, to the fore, it said. “To solve these large emerging challenges for its customers, Airtel Xstream Fiber has launched a highly relevant online service – ‘Secure Internet’,” it said. The online service blocks malware (including viruses), high-risk websites, and apps in real-time, by leveraging Airtel’s network security apparatus for all devices connected to the Airtel Xstream Fiber, through the ‘Wi-Fi’.

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Secure Internet’ provides security modes for varying customer needs, right from remote working to online classes, it said. With its child safe and study modes, customers can block websites and applications with unwanted, adult, or graphic content, providing protection from online threats. “Secure Internet is an easy to activate and highly effective solution for making internet, safer for our customers,” Shashwat Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer of Bharti Airtel said. The service is available for all Airtel Xstream Fiber customers, on a monthly subscription for Rs 99.



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