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Jassie Gill Lights Up Mohali’s CP67 Mall with a Meet & Greet Event

Mohali’s CP67 Mall hosts Punjabi Superstar Jassie Gill for a Meet & Greet


Jassie Gill Lights Up Mohali’s CP67 Mall with a Meet & Greet Event

Punjabi superstar Jassie Gill recently graced the vibrant city of Mohali with his presence at CP67 Mall, where he delighted fans with a Meet & Greet event. The occasion, which also featured the star cast of his upcoming movie “Furteela,” including Vandana, Harsimran, and Navi Arora, drew a massive crowd of enthusiastic fans from the tricity area.

The atmosphere at CP67 Mall was electric as fans gathered in large numbers to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. Jassie Gill, known for his charismatic presence both on and off the screen, shared his excitement about the event and his long-standing relationship with Mr. Umang Jindal of the Homeland Group, describing Homeland as family. “I love visiting CP67 Mall, developed by Homeland Group. I have a deep, enduring bond with Mr. Jindal and the entire Homeland family. As for CP67 Mall, it’s a wonderful place to be, and I look forward to visiting it again soon,” said Jassie Gill.

The Meet & Greet event was not just a promotional gathering for “Furteela,” a love story set against the backdrop of college life, but also an opportunity for Jassie to reconnect with his roots and the community that has supported his career over the years. “It was wonderful visiting CP67 Mall, meeting the public who have always showered me with love and talking about my upcoming movie, which is all about love set amidst the vibrant life of college students,” Gill added.

The event showcased Jassie Gill’s immense popularity and the impact of his work. As anticipation for “Furteela” continues to build, fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see their beloved star in a role that resonates with youthful energy and romantic aspirations.

CP67 Mall, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of offerings, provided the perfect backdrop for this star-studded event. As Jassie Gill and the cast of “Furteela” interacted with fans, the mall buzzed with excitement and anticipation, highlighting the enduring appeal of Punjabi cinema and music in the region.

Overall, the Meet & Greet event at CP67 Mall was a resounding success, bringing together fans and celebrities in a celebration of music, cinema, and community. Jassie Gill’s presence added a touch of glamour and excitement to the event, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next appearance in the city.

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