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Demonetise the Sadist Poor in Smart Cities with Smart Phones and Smart Mobile Apps

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Demonetise the Sadist Poor in Smart Cities with Smart Phones and Smart Mobile Apps

Disruption of the flow of money in the economy with the PR Campaign of Demonetisation will damage the poor the most. And the money will be Back in Black!

Smart Cities and the Poor 

We need smart cities, smartphones, smart mobile Apps and an over smart fascist narcissist leadership. While all this smartness drips across our faces, we don’t want dirt, those homeless people begging on the roads, those workers who are instrumental in the construction of those beautiful, smart homes we all want.

Who are these people, agriculture labourers who have lost their livelihood and migrating to cities for work? People, who want a better future for their children and pick up waste, garbage, clean our houses, clean our dirt. So why kill them slowly with this so called crusade for good – Demonetisation. Why not just put them in camps and light it up?

Poor Die all the Time so why care?

The handling of the tragedy of 70+ people reported to have died due to the PR campaign Demonetisation is very disappointing. There is no respect for human life; leave the candle marches, hyperactive political tears. Instead, justifications are being given by many political leaders like BJP Media Spokespeople like GVL Narsimha Rao, on how their deaths were due to imaginary issues but the haphazard move of Demonetisation.

The daily wager who earns Rs.100-Rs.500 a day has to stand now in queues at banks to exchange his money he gathered over 5 days of work only to lose the next 5 days of work.

The Rise of the Sadist Poor while the Money is Back in Black!

But then the same poor man supports the government in this move, as this poor man is a sadist too. There is a sense of misinformation and PR campaigns that have made him a sadist. These PR campaigns put a poor man in a binary. You love your nation if you support Demonetisation else you are a black money supporter. More importantly, the poor man wants the rich to lose his money. If they ever get it is a separate question, something they have not been trained to think. The question they should ask even if all rich lose their money how will I even benefit?

The flow of money in the economy will damage them the most and many others. And the money will be Back in Black!

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