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Sun-N-Sand Hotels partners with Greenie Energy to set up EV Charging stations in Mumbai & Shirdi

Sun-N-Sand Hotels partners with Greenie Energy to set up EV Charging stations in Mumbai & Shirdi

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Sun-N-Sand Hotels partners with Greenie Energy to set up EV Charging stations in Mumbai & Shirdi

Greenie Energy today announced that it has partnered with Sun-N-Sand Hotels to set up 20 charging points at its Mumbai & Shirdi Hotels. Sun-N-Sand will scale up its EV charging infrastructure to 120 charging points over a period of 5 years to meet the growing requirement of EV charging facilities for its clients.

Greenie Energy is an emerging electric vehicle (EV) charging company that provided EV charging stations on a subscription model (B2B2C) across India. Greenie Energy has charging stations across 6 cities in India. Greenie Energy’s primary offering is a hardware solution that has the ability to convert any simple electric charging socket into an EV charging station. This hardware solution can be operated using Greenie’s proprietary mobile application. Greenie Energy software provides the owner of any electric socket with the ability to monetize the same by converting it into an EV charging station, controlling who charges their EVs on the station, determining a billing rate, receiving payment from the EV user, and making a profitable venture out on the same. The company earns a monthly subscription fee along with a nominal service fee on every EV charging transaction.

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Arunabh Sinha, Vice President Sun-N-Sand Hotels, said, “Sun-N-Sand, over 6 decades, continues to prioritize customer experience and satisfaction, serving unparalleled hospitality. We keep up with the changing market norms to provide ease and modern comforts for our guests. Over the years, India is witnessing a quick transition to Electric Vehicles, and shortly, the need for this green sustainable alternative will only increase. Foreseeing this evolving need, Sun-n-Sand Hotels proactively installs EV chargers to ensure our guests can relax without worrying about the battery life of their EV vehicles. It’s a contribution towards clean energy through our charging infrastructure.”

Istayak Ansari, Director & Co-Founder, Greenie Energy, said, “Electric Vehicles are not just a trend but a future of personal transportation. Most of the well-known car manufacturers around the world have committed to ending the production of combustion engines within the next decade or so and switch the production to 100% electric vehicles. Sun-N-Sand Hotels’ EV charging facility will have a distinct service advantage for its clients, over their competitors. This means that frequent guests of Sun-N-Sand Hotels including family holidays, business trips, and other clients booking nightly accommodation will be able to recharge their vehicles. Sun-N-Sand will also benefit from EV charging infrastructure because their car parks are designed to accommodate a large number of vehicles including Guests, Hotel Staff and Hotel Transportation Vehicles.”

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