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redBus Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Twist: “Three Se Ho Jao Free”

Valentine’s Day campaign


redBus Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Twist: “Three Se Ho Jao Free”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while it’s a day of love and romance for many, it can also be a day when some find themselves in the awkward position of being a third wheel. redBus, the world’s largest intercity bus ticketing platform, has launched a heartwarming campaign titled “Three Se Ho Jao Free” to celebrate those who find themselves in this situation and encourage them to travel solo.

The 50-second film, created by redBus, explores the humorous side of being a third wheel. It follows the story of two strangers who meet on a bus – one who is boisterous and talkative, and the other who is quiet and reserved. The talkative man reveals that he is a third wheel to a Valentine’s Day couple, and much to his surprise, the quiet man admits that he is in the same predicament. The film then takes a delightful turn as both characters decide to embrace their third wheel status and instead embark on a solo trip with redBus.

The film is a lighthearted take on the concept of third-wheeling and encourages viewers to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own unique way. It emphasizes the importance of self-love and independence, urging people to prioritize their own happiness over societal expectations.

To make Valentine’s Day even more special for solo travelers and third wheels, redBus is hosting an Instagram contest from February 13th to 20th. Participants are invited to share their own third-wheeling stories, with the funniest stories standing a chance to win up to one year’s worth of free bus tickets.

Pallavi Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer at redBus, expressed the brand’s intent behind the campaign, stating, “Being the third wheel on Valentine’s Day and feeling left out is a relatable experience for many people. We wanted to redefine this experience as a positive one – a day for self-indulgence and solo adventures. At redBus, we believe in creating campaigns that resonate with our audience on a personal level, and ‘Three Se Ho Jao Free’ does just that.”

The film has received a positive response from viewers, who appreciate its humorous and relatable approach. It encourages everyone, whether single or not, to make the most of Valentine’s Day by embracing their individuality and taking a solo trip with redBus.

To watch the film, visit redBus’ YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook page. Join redBus in celebrating Valentine’s Day with a twist this year and make it a day to remember, whether you’re coupled up or flying solo!

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