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Levi’s new ad inspires “culture of sisterhood”

Levi’s new ad feat. Deepika Padukone inspires “culture of sisterhood”
Levi’s ad inspires a culture of sisterhood and celebrates individuality through self-expression.


Levi’s new ad inspires “culture of sisterhood”

Levi’s latest ad campaign, featuring Deepika Padukone, has gone viral with the brand’s official YouTube channel having garnered more than 4.5 million views of the one-minute video.

The campaign with the tagline – When you take a step, we all move, features the Bollywood actress along with a band of women who break stereotypes while following their passions in life. It has women drumming, dancing, motorcycling and simply claiming their space with the commercial set to the tunes of the 1980s classic song Koi yahan nache from the movie Disco Dancer.

An analyst observed that Levi’s ad inspires a culture of sisterhood and celebrates individuality through self-expression. Conceptualized by Spring Marketing Capital, the campaign consists of a film which is set to the tune of the Bollywood song Auva Auva. Padukone features with other women, who together get confidence in what they want to achieve after taking the first step. As each woman finds confidence and comfort, it inspires people around her to join in and move with her.

Saikot Das, marketing director – South Asia, Middle East & North Africa at Levi Strauss & Co., said the campaign is an ode to the collective movement of women who are moving ahead with strength and shaping a massive cultural change. “Through our campaign, we believe we’ll be able to establish a strong connect with our consumers, influence and accelerate the women’s business, further strengthening our leadership in the market.”

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Ajay Ram, design partner Spring Marketing Capital, said Levi’s as a brand, is built around culture, people and music. “We have to build this campaign around these factors while celebrating the strength of the collective. Just like Deepika exudes power and confidence, we selected real women who have been acing their line of work. For instance, Aarifah Rebello is a drummer who features in the video among many other inspiring women,” he explained.


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